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Why it’s time to act

The role of sleep in supporting mental health during times of uncertainty 

As the global health crisis escalates, investing in sleep and fatigue education is a tangible way employers can support employees and reduce anxiety and as they grapple with changes in their work and home lives

COVID-19 and the impact of social isolation on sleep

With large numbers of employees working from home,  less chance for physical activity combined with changes in routine are likely to impact sleep patterns. Supporting education around good sleep habits will play a critical role in building and maintaining employees immune systems. 

24 hour work, life and media cycles

The constantly changing nature of work, combined with high levels of global uncertainty are creating increased social & economic pressures which are in turn contributing to disrupted sleep patterns.

Legislation mandating corporate accountability

The Heavy Vehicle National Law, Oct 2018, has now widened the chain of responsibility to all in the supply chain, significantly increasing co-liability.

Parliamentary inquiry highlighting scale of issue across populations

Sleep Health Awareness indicates the degree of government public health concerns with emphasis placed on the workplace as a key channel for education.

WHO research associating chronic sleep debt with chronic health risk

Poor sleep is now unequivocally linked to a wide range of chronic health conditions including breast, bowel & prostate cancer.

Managing sleep and fatigue is a partnership with your people. By supporting them and understanding the stressors they face you can also help them to be their best at work and home

The Sleepfit Energy-Fatigue Model

Individual | Sleep

Stress • Habits • Lifestyle • Routines

Sleepfit People • Sleepfit Bespoke 

Home | Family

Babies • Children


Organisation | Fatigue

Workload • Rosters • Shiftwork • Culture • Roles • Environment safety

Fatiguefit • Sleepfit People • Sleepfit Bespoke

Community | Public health

COVID-19 • 24 hour life and media cycles • aging populations • automation

We support every aspect of an organisation's needs with our targeted, AI driven solutions

We deliver tangible, cost effective AI driven digital sleep solutions to support physical and mental resilience especially in times of high emotional stress and uncertainty.

Ideal solutions for:

WHS, Individuals

Your simple solution for fatigue risk.

Fatiguefit is the digital solution for workplaces that reduces risk, increases compliance and saves lives.

Ideal solutions for:


We supply high quality interactive sleep content and white labelled solutions for inhouse digital health and wellbeing platforms, that can be deployed within 24 hours.

Ideal solutions for:

WHS, Individuals

This app brings organisations to the cutting edge of Diversity and Inclusion options by enabling them to support new parents with  with the gift of helping their babies sleep.

Ideal solutions for:


Our solutions have been created by an exceptional
multi-disciplinary expert team who seek to meet the needs of all stakeholders 

Sleepfit solutions address many of the barriers organisations face when trying to roll out high quality sleep and fatigue programs

Frictionless implementation

Time & cost effectiveness

Scalability & reach

Evidence-based content with AI-driven interactivity

Best in class tech & data security with ISO 27001

Real time HR dashboards, reporting, metrics & ROI

Who do we work with?


We have a range of solutions from strategy to implementation all with clear ROI’s and real time data and reporting


With the evidence on the downstream costs of poor sleep and its contribution to a range of chronic diseases, we provide an ideal public health starting point.


We are able to develop and customise white labelled solutions that provide high value for members


Regardless of the business benefits, the main focus of our solutions is helping people optimize their own sleep journey across the spectrum of their lives.

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Sleepfit & Fatigue Guru - Winner of the Newcrest Mining Limited and Unearthed

Awake and Alert Competition - Improving Fatigue Management - March 2020

In the search for solutions that help avoid, manage and mitigate the effects of fatigue, the panel of judges have had reached a final decision.


1st Prize awarded to Sleepfit + Fatigue Guru.
Sleepfit & Fatigue Guru appealed to the judging panel because together, their applications truly leverage the expertise and strengths of both teams to collaborate with Newcrest to provide a solution that saves lives. Congratulations Melissa, Madeline and Drew!

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